Saturday May 26th was a day for shapes, tips, tricks and fashion. Our own Karen Dorland, Founder of Image Connections, brought her years of experience to the floor and walked an audience of ladies through “How to Dress for your Body Type”. Using her magic “sticks”, Karen shared the secret to identifying your body type – A, V, H, Standard, Hourglass and so on. The shoulders and hips are the critical points to examine and the best part was…no measurements were taken! A key takeaway for me was that many women think they are an “H” but in fact very few are. If there is a bust, there is no “H”. Curves, no matter how luscious and voluptuous, are to be followed, emphasized and embraced.

As it happened, I was identified as an “H” (no big surprise there) as was my sister Joanne! Acknowledging a little shape at the waist, Karen confirmed that we fall in the first half of the alphabet. You can’t deny genetics!

All of the ladies were intrigued by the simplistic yet effective approach to better interpreting their bodies and how to approach fashion. It was truly amazing to see the light bulbs of understanding flash on, the heads nod and the smiles take over faces.

We have already had questions about another event and YES! Karen will be presenting these insights and more in the future so watch our Facebook/Instagram and Website Events for updates.

The best news from the day was that the HST on purchases made between 12pm to 3pm totaled $217 and that is going directly to COPE Service Dogs as a donation from ZuZu! We do love our puppies.

Tracey Baker



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