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Let me shop in peace

Writer Wendy King makes an excellent point about the shopping experience. She wants to scope out the shop on her own and, when she’s ready, ask for assistance or advice…or not. Many of you can probably relate to it – I certainly can.

When you’re in the retail business, it doesn’t take long to figure out that everyone has their own approach to shopping. Through experience and observation, we have loosely developed a system for identifying customer shopping types. Please note that it is neither scientific nor recognized by anyone official. Just us.

All are welcome at any time.

The Buyer – Do not approach her unexpectedly as she could be spooked and run. She wants you to leave her alone and let her do her own thing. She will make her own decisions and bring the purchases to the counter. Buyers don’t shop. They buy.

The Browser – A warm welcome and a sincere smile is the key to her heart. She is a shopper and enjoys the process of looking, chatting and discovering options with assistance. She will often buy now and/or later.

The Tryer – There is no opportunity to approach her as she will get to us first. She doesn’t know what she wants (if anything) and has time on her hands to try on anything that is suggested. She rarely buys and may slip out of the shop when no one’s looking. Significant tidy-up time is required.

The Member – It’s like going home. She knows us and we know her. She’ll stop by to say hello, enjoy the environment, see what’s new and make a purchase… or not. She is a member of the ZuZu family and we love her.

We have seen customers move from one type to another based on a number of factors – their personal experience with the shop and our staff, familiarity over time and even how they feel about themselves on any given day (or what’s going at in their world at that time). As with most things in life, there is fluidity and we hope that our customers recognize our efforts to respect their own type and provide the amount of breathing space they want.

And remember,  no matter how you get them,





Tracey Baker, Owner

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