True story… Three customers came into the shop recently and asked for the “ZuZu experience.”  They had been in before and were very impressed with the merchandise and the customer service.  I discovered that this was an extra special visit as one of the women was looking for a dress for her engagement party which, unbeknownst to any of the guests, was going to be her wedding ceremony!

Upon hearing this, I was determined to help the young woman look beautiful on her special day and give these women the shopping experience they were hoping for. After placing two comfy chairs in front of the fitting rooms for the two friends, offering everyone a bottle of water and putting some Tina Turner on the CD player, I began pulling outfits for the bride-to-be.

First up was a cream-colored silk cocktail length dress with the popular cold-shoulder detail and gorgeous crocheted cuffs on three-quarter length bell sleeves.  As the woman exited the change room to model for her friends, there was a gasp.  She looked stunning.  All that was missing was a necklace to fill the V-neck and I knew the one that would work—an extraordinary piece with delicate cream, gold and white flowers. Adding a pair of gold pearl earrings and the ensemble was—–perfect.

The only thing lovelier than the wedding look was the expression on the bride-to-be’s face.  With a big smile and tears in her eyes, she radiated happiness.

After trying several other lovely options, the bride ultimately returned to the first one sharing that it made her feel the prettiest… and isn’t that what it’s all about?

To top off the experience, her two wonderful, supportive friends insisted on paying for her new jewellery.

Life truly is all about experiences and it was an honour to be part of this special one with these three lovely ladies.

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