We’re all living different lives at the moment. Isolated from loved ones…working from home, or not at all… turning to the online world for what we need. When this will be over is anybody’s guess but for now, you may find a gap or two in your wardrobe that can be filled by Code Vitesse for Spring. We know that shopping can be very therapeutic.

Not familiar with the collection? It started as a travel solution and has grown to an amazing “wear any time, anywhere” option. Casual, dressy, special occasion and of course vacation.

We present here, a sampling of the Spring collection, modeled by a ZuZu customer and all of our staff members – Kathryn (5 foot 1), Karen (5 foot 0), Tracey and Della (both 5 foot 5). As you can see, it works on many shapes, sizes and heights! You will see teal, aqua and coral, along with an exotic chiffon print, a cozy mesh knit and several new styles.

We are thrilled to offer a new way for you to see what’s available from ZuZu now. Click on the link. Check out the styles, sizes, colours and fabric options. Make your list and give us a call at 705 481-1231 or send us an email We can work through it with you and get it out the door lickety split!


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