On Sunday February 6th, our FB/IG LIVE event celebrated Valentine’s Day…perhaps with a partner, a friend, a family member or even on your own. What better opportunity to engage in some self-love… to reacquaint yourself with the sensuous self that may be temporarily lost or off course.

To watch the event in it’s entirety, click here.

We opened with a 30 minute interactive session that offered information and fun.

Kimberley Peacock led a beautiful meditation that transported us inward. Owner of Kimberley Peacock Esthetics, Yoga and Wellness Boutique, she is an exceptionally talented woman who goes beyond yoga to holistic facials, channeled sessions, guided meditation and more. In her words;

Kimberley Peacock

Over the years I realized there was more to learn about how STRESS affects the skin and one’s overall wellbeing, leading me to become a certified Yoga instructor and further my studies in holistic health, healing the MIND, BODY and SPIRITUAL connection. The human body’s innate ability to heal fascinates me. Even more remarkable is the relationship between the physical body and the mental and spiritual elements. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spiritual connections all have a direct impact on our state of health.

You’re going to love what you see so feel free to contact Kimberley at:

Call or email her at (705) 241-0648 or kimberleypeacock123

Brenda Cockburn

Brenda Cockburn is a valued member of the ZuZu team who knows skin, from the inside out. With many years serving clients at her own Caryl Baker Visage studio, she’s seen it all! We need to switch up our perspective from viewing it as a chore to becoming an important ritual that provides the perfect scenario for reconnection to the soul. If you want more of what you see and hear you can reach Brenda at ZuZu at 705.481.1231 or by email at


The discussion touched on Women’s Sexuality from a sensuality point of view. Tracey shared a bit about the “Intimacy Inventory” list of 10 questions that make the perfect conversation-starter for you, you and your partner or a group of girlfriends… we could hardly stop talking about it in the shop before the session! Take a moment and see what it sparks for you.

The Intimacy inventory came to us as a highly recommended by our Women’s Sexual Health expert from Royal Victoria Hospital.

North Americans approach sex with a very mechanical approach, focusing on the act rather than all of the sensual aspects that make us feel confident and secure. We hope this session has provided a little bit of insight and we look forward to any comments you might have.

Enjoy the video!

Feel free to call the shop with any questions at 705.481.1231 or email us at zuzu@zuzufashionboutique.com

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