Fashion is fun. It has the potential to make us all feel good – beautiful – sexy – confident…you get the picture. But every once in a while a rare opportunity comes along to make a real difference in someone’s life. Such was the case a month ago when a woman came into the shop looking for pearls. Not just a classic strand but a real over-the-top statement.
She explained that she and her husband were planning their 25th wedding anniversary celebration for an intimate gathering of close friends, all of whom had attended the first ceremony. They were returning to the original location, Toronto’s Old Mill, for dinner and a party. Days had been spent planning the decor and gathering photos from the original day and their life together with this close-knit group.
Her dress had been along the lines of Diana’s creation, she said, with the addition of many pearls and crystals. In fact, pearls had  ruled the day and she wanted to recreate that. Enter ZuZu.
Then she spotted her – the five-strand beauty that had been stolen from the shop and ultimately returned earlier in the year. She was in her display case along with her legendary story.
“Those are perfect! I must have them. I will pay anything for them.”
 I respectfully explained that she was not for sale; that in fact she was very near and dear to my heart and would never be sold, under any circumstances. The bride was crushed and continued to lead me through her journey, the big event and her search that, thus far, had been unsuccessful.
 After much discussion, I grew to feel her passion for this unforgettable celebration that was scheduled for October. She emanated love, kindness and gratitude. I couldn’t sell them to her but was pleased to let her borrow them for the big day.
 Congratulations Janis and Barry on this very special occasion. It is an honour to have played a small part in your day. All the best for 25 more years.

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