Skunkfunk that is… it’s a fabulous collection and we’ve got it!

What makes it so special? This Barcelona-based design house is committed to sustainability and we just love that! Don’t you?

A bit about their interesting and admirable history…










How do they accomplish their sustainability mission?

Innovative Design

The idea comes from a deeper understanding of pattern making and the purpose is to create bold garments using 100% of the fabric roll. An avant-garde design approach that confronts the industry standard of 15 to 20% waste. Respectful, from the drawing table to the end of the lifecycle of our garment. A holistic approach towards sustainability

Conscious Sourcing

Preferred fibers are at the core of each collection

Trusted Suppliers

We respect deeply the people we work with and the planet we live in. We work side-by-side with our suppliers, in China and India, to ensure our production complies with international standards. (BSCI, ETI, FLA, FWF, SA 8000 or WRAP.) Our aim is to build long term relationships based on transparency and mutual trust.

Eco Packaging and Tagging

For our tags, we use recycled cotton paper.

And even more… Sustainability

This is REALLY important and ZuZu is thrilled to have this collection in-store for your consideration and enjoyment. Want to see more? Here are few of the styles we have available for Spring-Summer 2017.

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