This week the wall has moved into our display window. We’re playing dress-up with a canvas of black bamboo and baubles…baubles…and more baubles on our mannequins.

ZuZu shelves are glowing, sparkling, dancing and relaxing with all sorts of gorgeous new pieces for the ears, neck and wrists. We MUST share! And you MUST come by. There are spectacular pieces that are wearable whether you want a plain white t-shirt or you have a special dress for that one-of-a-kind event.

How are you feeling today?

Whimsical, colourful and fun. Zsiska does incredible work with the highest quality resin from Thailand. Go ahead…have a heart!


Maybe a little more organic, natural, boho. These pieces represent a few lines based in wood, cork, leather and brass. Layered or on their own, the feeling is calm and relaxed with just the teensiest bit of edge. Ernesto de Barcelona designs are clean, simple and uncomplicated. Yet they conjure images of the beach. The sun. The sky.


There’s always a time for some sparkle and no one does it like Chicago-designed and Thailand-made Nakamol. The pieces are simply spectacular but so easy to wear. And Iris bangles, hand painted in Israel, add that unexpected touch of fun and happiness.


Have you got your rocker chick on? Rocker chic is one way to describe the dramatic designs from Seraglio. Inspired by the jewelry worn in the Turkish Ottoman Court, this collection definitely has an urban flair. Lightweight, there’s no lack of comfort with these statement pieces.



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