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Tracey Baker

-Owner, ZuZu Fashion Boutique

A new challenge and my passion for fashion drove me to purchase ZuZu in 2015 when the opportunity came along. While my career had been firmly rooted in Toronto’s corporate world for over 20 years, I was part of the ZuZu staff from 2012 and loved the experience of helping a woman discover her own expression of beauty, confidence and style.

Having grown up in Barrie, I am thrilled to be back and proud to own this charming boutique in our beautiful downtown where my family and I currently call home.

Let the Ladies of ZuZu help you find the perfect outfit!



Shop Manager/Fashion Devoteé

Della is retired from a 30+ year career in law enforcement. She started with the Toronto Police Service, then came to Barrie where she broke ground as the first female Sergeant and Staff Sergeant in the history of the Barrie force. And now the Chief is a woman! Having spent all those years in a uniform, Della loves her role at ZuZu where she channels her own fashionista while helping customers find that perfect look.



Sales Associate/Edge Icon

Catherine belongs in the circus. She not only juggles two busy professions as an author and a qualified mediator, she trains and performs on trapeze and aerial hoop. After sustaining several brain injuries (none related to circus!) she moved back to Barrie where she is Chair of the City’s Accessibility Advisory Committee.

In the 1980s, Catherine worked in a punk rock fashion boutique and she rocks an edgy but feminine look. Her mediation experience taught her to ask the right questions, which helps her find exactly what customers are looking for and what they feel fabulous wearing!



Sales Associate/Classic Icon

Brenda joined ZuZu in October 2020.  She stayed close to her hometown, Innisfil, for most of her life.  Throughout the years she has been very involved in her community from leading youth choir musicals and working in non-profit supporting families struggling with life-altering losses, to being part-owner in the beauty industry.  She loves classic and fun fashion.

Her vision is for her clients to feel that someone cares about them and their needs, that they feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in their own style.



Bookkeeper/Bean Counter

If you want someone who knows where every penny is at any time, Joanne’s the one for you. Serving clients in the retail, contracting, and service industries, she has a special place in her heart for small business entrepreneurs, especially those on Dunlop Street in downtown Barrie. ZuZu gives her a chance to get her girly girl on…oh, and she’s Tracey’s sister which makes Joanne extra special!

Go Ahead and Talk About Us!

ZuZu Fashion boutique is the top marketer for Fashionista shoppers like myself, a lover of very finely made unique clothing and accessories. I found myself in the middle of one of their rare sale days and purchased two outfits along with some gorgeous and fashionable accessories. Treat yourself some time and you will never regret it. The items last for years, all of them. - Laurel Woodrow

Over the last several years ,I have so enjoyed my shopping experience at ZuZu’s fashion boutique. With the current restrictions and lockdowns, I have recently felt compelled to create a review that simply tells the staff and owner, how truly appreciated their skills, their true sense of style and their positive interest in their clients has impacted my shopping experiences over the years. The highly professional staff who gladly guides your eye throughout the store are fully engaged in fulfilling one’s positive shopping experience. Many of my purchases over the years have proven to be timeless and can easily travel through the various seasons seamlessly. Thank you for being the wonderful fashion boutique you have always been to me. Expect a visit when the restrictions on indoor shopping are lifted. - Merrill Good

What a great place to shop for women’s fashion! The owner and her staff are beautiful ladies who are very knowledgeable, personable, and truly care about your shopping experience. - Lynne Murphy

Owner Tracey Baker and her team are true curators of amazing, affordable accessories and great, stylish pieces. The store is packed full so make sure you allow enough time to work your way through everything and find a nice, unique piece. Well worth it! - Dana Dean

I will 100% support this business. Love the vibe of your videos and the bright spot program is an amazing idea. Well done Tracey! - Janet Dennett

Had a lovely afternoon at ZuZu Open House on Sunday. Thanks to all the girls for their professional help, especially Esther for picking out such a nice necklace for my top. - Linda Gallagher

Having moved back to Barrie after 30 years in the big city, I really didn't think I'd discover a fashion gem like ZuZu in my old 'home town'! Now, whenever fashionable friends and family come to visit, our one 'must-visit' shopping experience is this super-fun boutique. Quality brands, superb selection and outstanding customer service make ZuZu a unique find for fashionistas and fashionista wannabes! Go now! - Catherine Kenwell

Wearing my awesome colourful shirt from ZuZu. I love it so much on a nice day like today all the way up in Thunder Bay! - Olivia Forth

I had a wonderful shopping experience at ZuZu Fashions today. They carry a beautiful line of clothing from casual to dressy. Looking forward to shopping at ZuZu again!! - Wendy Slessor Capiato

Best boutique in Barrie! - Judy Schmoodie

The women of Barrie are fortunate to have you and your business nearby. Thank you for that!

We serve to inspire and support YOU in the expression of your own unique style.

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